BMW 540i Deal check


Hi guys,

I am in Florida looking for a replacement to my BMW 540ix 2017 and got this deal today:

2020 BMW 540i, 10k / 36 month
MSRP - $67660
Discount - $4950
Incentives - $3750 ( I do have a BMW now + Q7 2019 ),
Payment: 762.72 ( with tax ) with 1442.46 due at signing.

They didn’t let me take a picture to see MF but I am pretty sure RV was 60%.

Do you think I can get anything better?

Thank you guys for all advices.

Reach to one of the brokers that work bmw in Florida they usually offer 10-12 pre incentives

I am quite new on this forum.
Is there anybody willing to work me on this deal?

Thank you

You’ll have better luck reaching out to brokers in the marketplace rather than hoping they see this thread.

Check in the market place for brokers working in Florida

How do you tag people in here

Write their name with an @ ahead of it. @Eldamian2505

Thanks @mllcb42

@nextlevelautobrokers Could you help me on this?

Here I am!

some variation I think because FL tax rates vary from 6-9%

That’s more like it!

@Bacons_C.C he is local to you Piotr. Don’t work with a dealer if he didn’t let you take a photo of the lease sheet when you were already in the dealership.

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Thank you guys! You are great!
I am talking already with somebody from the forum and it seems that I am going to safe some money with him :slight_smile: