BMW 530xe offer I just made

I sent this offer to a dealer about 2 hours ago for a car on the lot. No response yet.

Anyone have comments?

What are the chances he just blows me off and leaves me hanging because he’s got better paying things to attend to right now?

There are only a few other cars around the country that I’ve found matching what i’m looking for. Trying to close a deal by end of year to get holiday incentives. Should I move on and contact the other dealers with a similar offer? I hate juggling simultaneous things but don’t want to miss the boat

Any advice welcome!

Purchase Offer from #####) 12/30/2017

Car Price (VIN: #################))
$67,285.00 MSRP
$63,776.00 Selling price before incentives
-$3,000.00 holiday credit
-$2,000.00 loyalty credit
-$1,000.00 OL code credit (Weekapaug Inn Sweepstakes)
$57,776.00 Lease basis

Lease Terms
Acquisition Fee $925.00
MF 0.00152
Residual 60%
Term 36
Miles 36000

X4 Lease End Disposition fee and excess mileage charge waived

What’s the payment ??

Who wants to bother with email quotes during last two days of the year? If you are serious, take your numbers and go there, unless it’s far away. You will spend 30 min max to either agree on the deal or move on.


good advice.

Yes, its far away. But I should just call instead.

I’m sure they want see a person in front of them, especially now when they are busy.

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The Calculator says $690

Likely to busy to answer all emails just go to the store. Call ahead and leave a message with who your looking to see

If they are that busy, it’s only natural that the deals won’t be as good.

Only natural is that they are trying to make as many last minute deals as possible.

Anyone know if dealers are typically open New Years Eve and/or New Years day?

They all seem to be closed on Sundays normally.

Depends on rules in your state. For instance all car dealers in PA are closed Sunday.

Here in WA it’s regular business and tomorrow will be the hunger games for dealers to hit their numbers.

The incentives I think go to the 2nd so that may be the dealer month end

If that’s an I stock car, then they should take your offer all day.

As others have mentioned, given the time of year, you need to get down there to do the deal. Even if you call, you may just hear come on down.

Thanks everyone.

Wish i could go down there, but its about 5hrs away.

Just found out they’re open Monday so I’ll lean on the phone

I noticed that dealers here in South California are going to be open on Monday also.

I think your offer is too generous. here is a deal that was done couple of days ago

2018 530e 36/12k

MSRP 62615
Price 56k ( 10.5 % off msrp) minus Rebates 4k (Holiday 3k and fleet 1k)

RV 60%
MF .00152
Drive off $2300 includes 1st payment, Aquisition, reg &lic, and tax on rebates
Payment $580 including tax

Thanks for the input. Thought I might be too stingy!

I used the formula that BMWDave suggests to get a reasonable price just over invoice, before incentives:
MSRP / 1.06 + $250-$500 (approx 5.5% off MSRP)

Doesn’t a dealer lose money at 10.5% off?

Funny because yesterday I made on offer on a demo X5 with 4K miles. They they countered was a joke and they said to hurry up bc they have other deals to make. If they are like the one they offered, they’re not low end of year like deals. Maybe it’s the Black Friday thing, where people think they get good deals, but they don’t. I don’t think BMW is offering more than usual, from the factory yea, but from dealer discounts about the same. Meaning you can always find that one model that they want do deal in for what ever reason.

Yeah, you just need to find a willing dealer to get a hacker deal at the last moment. If they met their targets, there is really no reason for them to give cars away.

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Right, I guess casting a wide net is best.

Any way to find out which dealers are scrambling? Any subtle clues?

I’ve noticed that some dealers have generous $$ off listed on their website prices, and others only show MSRP. Maybe this is a good clue?

Is this something CA’s will generally tell you truthfully right away on the phone so you don’t waste time?