BMW 530i X Drive Lease Offer

Got this offer from a local BMW dealership:

2017 BMW 530i Xdrive
MSRP $56,595
LOYALTY DISCOUNT $2000 (I currently lease a BMW)
Residual 62%
MF .00170 (I know it is marked up)
$632 monthly payment.
$1,343.75 due at signing (acquisition fee, doc fee, tags) plus first monthly payment of $632 so $1975.

Dealer is giving me a difficult time lowering the sales price and/or the MF. I don’t qualify for Fleet since I work for the government and I also do not qualify for AARP. Any suggestions? Trying to get monthly below $600.

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Do you or did you have a 5 series before? I’d pass on that deal

there are brokers in the forum that might help you get better deal. I guess he will get in touch with you soon :slight_smile:


Yes, I currently have a 2015 528i x drive. The dealer thinks he is practically giving me the car.

Pass on that dealer or salesperson then…

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Does the monthly payment include tax? What rate?

Yes, it includes the taxes. Rate is 4.325% if I am not mistaken.

I am going to pass on the deal - I actually should get a loaded 530iX for this price.

Where are you located?

Northern VA (close to DC).

Update: Dealer just offered to reduce MF and lower payment to $615. Pass.

4.15% [20 chars…]