Bmw 530e xi 500 a month

Looking at a 2020 530e xi. Pymt of $556 with $2200 down drive away on a 36 month lease. Includes tax on monthly pymt.
10k miles a yr.

Have a current bmw and ny reg…

$65,785 list

Can Anyone advise if a good deal or not?

First thing, there’s no such thing as a 540e. So either you mean a 530e, or 540i? Need more info to evaluate deal (msrp, selling price, what the 2200 covers etc).

I have one that I’m trying to transfer in NJ 2019 740i for about 650 excluding $1500 down.

Correct its 530e xi and drive away is 2200

Ask the dealer for the selling price. You should shoot for 10-12% off sticker at least before incentives. The 5 series is about to get an LCI, so push for that at least. Is 2200 covering taxes? Acquisition fee? Or is it just cap cost reduction? All important factors to value a deal.

$2200 is 1st month and fees and total out of pocket.

Monthly payment includes taxes.

They said its 18% off msrp

That 18% is most likely including all the incentives that you qualify for, that’s why you need to find out the discount before incentives

sir, need wayy more info right now to evaluate the deal. At the very least

  1. Dealer discount before incentives
  2. MF on the deal (and to be confirmed with Edmunds)
  3. Incentives (and to be confirmed with Edmunds)
  4. Mileage
    Put these in the calculator and come back. The deal looks okish but without any of the above info, very hard to tell.

See below

Dealer discount before incentives: $10,000

MF on the deal (and to be confirmed with Edmunds): buy rate: .00118, sell rate: .00168

Incentives (and to be confirmed with Edmunds): $2750
Mileage confirm 10k yr: confirmed
Put these in the calculator and come back. The deal looks okish but without any of the above info, very hard to tell.

Here is why I think you are wrong:

  1. 10K discount, is 15%. That’s a really strong discount, seldom to see anything above 12–13%. Have you confirmed that?
  2. They are marking up the MF, which is eliminating almost 2% of that discount. However, afaik, BMW only allows MF to be marked up by 40basis points, not 50. Hence, im not sure how they are giving you 0.00168. Max they can do is 0.00158.

Post a calculator link

Looking at a 530e xi with a 500 pymt and 2200 down. No msd. Have loyalty and military discount

When i asked dealer about the Fed electric tax credit of $5836 they claimed that BMW uses it to lower over all coat of consumer

From BMW Manager
“The rebate sits in the residual and factory rebates already provided by the factory, the use tat rebate to come up with the programs for that vehicle. There is no breakdown that specifically highlights electrified vehicle incentives.”

Also said this.
“Yes that is correct and BMW uses that money to subsidize the lease programs, they do not offer additional rebates back to the customer.”

Please advise if thia is correct and can payment be lowered like i had with my i3.

Second q car will be titled in NY but dealerahip is in NJ. Can we still qualify for the $500 state rebate?


They are correct. The only electrified vehicle that BMW is willing to pass the federal tax credits on is the i3. It used to be the case that the plug-in hybrid iPerformance models would also receive a portion of the credit in the form of a lease incentive, but not anymore.

Also, you will not be eligible for the $500 NYS electric car rebate, as it is applied at the point-of-sale—in essence, New York dealers only.

Any other rebates or do you think thats fair pymt with 500 including tax?

Do they have a breakdown with the money factor, residual, and incentives? I—and it looks like the forum as a whole—cannot say for sure without knowing all the numbers. In terms of rebates, make sure that you’re getting a full $3,250 in incentives ($2,000 Loyalty + $750 Lease Credit + $500 Military Incentive).

The post says 530e…literally

And as you can see, the post was edited.