Bmw 530e lease deal Southern California thoughts?



Hello! So we are quite new to leasing so although we felt we negotiated car purchases well, I feel like this is more difficult. I’ve received internet quotes all over the map. The best so far is below. Any thoughts? It still doesn’t seem as good as many I have found on here? I don’t know how to really go about doing better especially with limited time and two young children! We’re looking for a 530e and I really want white leather interior (though I’ve had trouble finding it). The below car is not exactly what I want but it’s the best price yet. Any thoughts or ideas of other dealers? Thanks in advance!

59335 MSRP

 5865 Discount from MSRP

   250 USAA Certificate

   500 OL Code (from today’s event)

$52720 Selling Price

 1750 Taxable Incentives

$50970 Adjusted price

36 months

15k miles

58% residual

$655 plus tax

$706 including tax with $0 down

$2549 drive offs due at signing (acq, doc, license, 1stpmt, tax)


Isn’t OL code $1000?


Really? I did think 500 was correct?


Only $500 from bmw, the other $500 is in the form of discount from the dealer, so basically it’s only $500. This has been discussed before


That’s a terrrible discount


I can help get you into a better 530e lease if you’re open to using a broker!


I’m open to ideas, I’m just not familiar with process to using a broker.


This is terrible? Wow, I have three other significantly higher than this. Any ideas on dealer to look with and suggestions on how to improve? Thx


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Is this on a 2019 or 2018? you can get a much better discount on a 2018 vs 2019.


It’s a 2019. I haven’t seen any 2018s around really

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check within 100 mi radius of you… theres definitely inventory in SO Cal your going to get a much better deal on a 2018. Also look for demos/loaners. I was quote 19% off msrp before rebates/incentives on a 2018 5 series demo.