BMW 530e California Clean Vehicle Rebate?

Must admit this website has been a fair education on leasing but still unclear how California Green rebates work, in particular a BMW 530e.

My primitive understanding is that the rebate would go back to the dealership as they own the car, can this then be factored into the price / deal?

Can this be used on demo/loaner cars as it has yet to be registered?

Many thanks for all your help!!

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CRVP rebates do not goto the dealers.

So the lessee can they apply after leasing the car? Is that still possible on a demo? Many thanks!

As taken from here

Vehicle Eligibility

Eligible vehicles must meet requirements that include, but are not limited to, the following.

Be on the list of Eligible Vehicles.

Be new as defined in the California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 430 and manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or its authorized licensee. Vehicles considered new vehicles solely for determination of compliance with state emissions standards are not eligible.

Be registered as new in California. Vehicles may not be purchased or leased out of state.

Have an odometer reading below 7,500 miles at the time of purchase or lease.


Apologies if I am being tad dense but want to make sure 100%…

New lease - Lessee applies post signing - all good!~
Demo car - Potentially the dealer already claims it, otherwise if sub 7,500 then it can still apply?

Was recently told by dealer that ex-loaners are not eligible despite being under the 7,500 limit.

If your contract does not list the vehicle as β€œNew”, it will not qualify.

Really appreciate the feedback!

So to be clear, if you have just leased a 530e, you can apply for the rebate?

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What about federal tax credit? Since BMW claims it, can we factor anything into price?

If the vehicle has never been titled yes. In most cases the dealership titles demos in order to complete registration and receive a license plate, so demos are more than likely no.

For any lease the registered owner is entitled to the federal tax credit. Registered owner is always the bank leasing, So unless they are giving you an incentive alternatively, then no you do not get the actual tax credit.

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Exactly what ohwtf said :ok_hand:

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If you happen to live in the San Joaquin Valley you can get an additional $2000 ( and if you are a PG&E customer an additional $500.