BMW 528i lease - How did I do?

Just finished negotiation for a 2016 528i, M sport package + Driver assistance package
MSRP: $58,020
Sale price: $50,000
MF 0.00137, effectively 0.00088 after 7MSD
Drive off: $3500 (MSD) and nothing else

Monthly payment: $498/mo, including tax.

Please advise :slight_smile:

what are the months and miles?

Not great but not bad either. No point in worrying now, drive it and enjoy it.

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I hope @skaion asked this question before signing the lease. It always amuses me when people ask the same question after the fact :slight_smile:


I think you did well. :+1:

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Haha no I haven’t signed yet.
It’s 36 mo, 12k miles/yr

Gonna sign it this weekend. I think it’s good enough. Some times good enough is good enough. Lol

do you qualify for loyalty or graduate cash?

Good deal, enjoy :+1:

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That’s the thing, if your happy sign the deal. I think it’s good. Somebody somewhere will always have a better deal