BMW 528i lease $336 0 Down 24 months

Hi everyone
i found a BMW 528i MSRP 57520
sales price 46016
this is what i negotiated over the phone/email.
this is lowest they will go.
its a demo car with 5k miles on it

do you guys think its a good deal??
i have put the numbers in on calculator with security deposit i get around 336 a month with 0 down.

please advise also any other incentatives i might qualify for.

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36 month lease is 336 a month
24 month lease 310

What is the breakdown. MF? Tax rate? 7 MSD’s? Fees? Sales price looks ok, but nothing special. Only published incentive i think is loyalty.

should i ask for more discount on sales price?
its 20% off right now
im just calculating on the calulator on lease hackr
so just negotiated the sales price with them .

With a 10% tax,which it is in my state, i came up with 381.52 with 799 aq. fee. I think its 799 maybe 100-200 more, Thats 36/10 67% residual and base MF of .00137. Since it has miles your residual will be adjusted.

tax rate for my state is 9%
so what do you think my payment will be?
also how is residual adjusted im kind of new to this?

You have to adjust the residual .20 for every mile over 500, for example if car has 10,500 miles… deduct 500 then multiply .20 by 10k to get the residual adjustment.

also how is the sales price does that look okay?
or should i hold off for more discount?

All they can say is no. I think the sales price is ok as long as they dont mark up the MF. I would do MSD’s to drop your monthly payment.

Jump on it. Great deal.

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Great price. Get it right away.

so i just got the quote
the adjusted cost for the mileage is 1266 dollars which added the total
dealer is calling it adjusted residual
any way i can get him to waive that?

sounds great. can you share the package and options that you’re getting with this?

If it’s really 336 for 24 months I’d be on it fast!

Go in and negotiate down, the worst that can happen is you get the already great deal that’s laid out for you.

Actually negotiated it to 299 0 down
Wit no DMV fees

Mileage residual added 1300 dollars otherwise I had it down to 250 range

If you walk pls hook me up 0_0

Wooow sounds good. Can you share your negotiation technique? How did you got him from $336 down to $299? Did you go in person for the last part of the negotiation? My dealer wants dealer fee of $850

So far I haven’t gone to dealer hopefully when I go in I can have them come down little bit more.
I just asked for 20% of the msrp
They had one wit a lot of options and willing to do 20% off msrp

Hey guys do you knw how many msd you can do on the car?
Any kind of limit?

BMW limits to seven MSD