BMW 528 due in March.. what should I do? Please help

I’m wondering what type of incentive I have to turn in the car early… I signed a 39 month lease so ended up having to pay the registration. But this is the first time I’m turning in a BMW lease so I’m wondering if I should just get another BMW because they have outrageous offers (or at least I’m asking the hackr community for the best thing to do here.)

There is a 3 month pull ahead with BMW right now, so you can get out of this one and into a new one without any negative equity.

There is also strong holiday cash + loyalty across most models.

This assumes you want another BMW.

I wouldn’t call the offers outrageous… 2k loyalty if you qualify plus 2k holiday credit. Another 1k if your on the east coast and sign up for the sweepstakes online. Those credits kind of offset the lower residuals.

This is a better way to put it: These deals are better than anything we’ve seen in the last 8 months. The incentives still don’t wholly compensate for lower residuals, higher money factor, and no MSDs

Do you have a link to the sweepstakes? Tia

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Thanks much my google skills must be in decline.

No problem lol (20 )…

i tried pricing out a new 5 series using $5k in incentives and the payment is still very high due to the low residuals compared to 2016 5 series. So $5k in incentives didn’t offset nearly as much as i hoped. So i’m staying in my 2016 5 series for now.

Yeah- will be interesting to see how BMWNA’s lease pricing experiment plays out. The large spike in payment is likely going to drive away many returning lessees. Heck, even Audi leases are looking somewhat reasonable in comparison now…(looks like 1% of MSRP pricing might now be possible on S4s…)

I have 2 payments left and I’m gonna offer 750 for 75k car with msd and 5k incentives. Can’t meet that then ill go down to two cars or an e class demo.

did you confirm with your dealership that you can actually still use MSD? Some report that you still can if you’re currently using MSD but my dealership told me that I can’t. Might be regional. Do you have any further info on it? If so, can you provide the source?

I personally am way below 1% on my payment for my 2016 so even 1% is too high for me as i was spoiled last year lol

I’m a little under 1% on mine 648 for 39/10 70k msrp. I’m In the east coast region that msd’s came back In.

Im on east coast too, i have a feeling my dealership was too lazy to inquire. Wouldn’t be the first time. If you end up getting the car and have more information on the use of MSD, please share. Thanks.