BMW 5 Series Lease Question


Does anyone happen to know the MF/RV for 2015 and 2016 BMW 5 Series (550) for May ? Looking for 24/36 mo @ 10k/12k miles


2016 BMW 550i
24/10K: 70% residual, .00138 MF
36/10K: 64% residual, .00138 MF

2015 BMW 550i
24/10K: 62% residual, .00138 MF
36/10K: 56% residual, .00138 MF

Subtract 1% for 12K/year.

Thanks for prompt response Michael

What about the numbers for 2016 x5 xDrive35i ?

2016 X5 xDrive35i
24/10K: 66% residual, .00138 MF
36/10K: 60% residual, .00138 MF

Subtract 1% for 12K/year. Subtract 3% for 15K/year.

SUVs fly off the lots these days, so BMW has little reason to subsidize the residuals to boost sales.

Thank you again for the prompt response!

What do you mean by subsidize the residuals?

BMW (and others) has a habit of overestimating the residual value. There’s often a difference between the residual in the contract and what the actual lease-end value of the car.

See number 5:

Inflated residuals result in lower depreciation expense, and therefore lower lease payments. For their popular SUVs, their residuals are typically closer to reality.

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Can you please provide an update of the MF/RV for 2015 and 2016 BMW 5 Series (550) for June ? Looking for 24/36 mo @ 10k/12k miles ? Also any incentives in So Cal?

Thanks again!


Does BMW’s Build Out Cash Allowance apply to Exec Demo vehicles?


No, when demos are punched the dealer takes the incentives at that time.

Is this a good deal on an exec demo 550?

MSRP 90520
Sell 66420
MF 0.00138
Res 62% - 24 mo . 10k
Miles 1610 - Demo 2015 550
Drive offs - 1461
Payment - 705 including tax

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Looks like a sweet deal to me, 24k off, MF is not marked up. I would jump.

Did you close the deal, I see that the car is off inventory :slight_smile:

I pulled the trigger :slight_smile: