BMW 440GC exceptional, if not unicorn deal? MSRP$60k $430 + 0 DAS

new car with 11 miles on it

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW 440I GC
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

MSRP: $60500
Selling Price: $53240 (-12% off)
Monthly Payment: $435 + tax
Cash Due at Signing: $ 0
MSD: 7
Incentives: $9750 ($5250 lease cash for May+ $500 corp fleet+ $500 OL+ $2500 loyalty+$1000 new graduate)

Annual Mileage:10k

Leasehackr Score:12.2


How does someone qualify for corporate fleet?

Definitely not a unicorn. The post about one for $275 is a unicorn. This is just decent.


Agree that this not a unicorn. But it is pretty darn good for a new car with an MSRP in the 60s.


I got it from passport webpage of my company

Can your dealership tell you if your company qualifies?

How does one get “graduate” code?

College Grad. You bring proof to the dealership

How did you use fleet and still get all the other incentives? I thought fleet can’t be stacked with other incentives

Good deal but not unicorn.

Generally unicorns are only achievable with 20%+ off MSRP prior to rebate.

Is this the fleet discount?

Yes I believe that is the fleet. I didn’t use to for our 530e as stacking all the incentives was more than the fleet discount

PSA to everyone who got new wheels: Enjoy hacking and enjoy the new car for the next 24-36 months

Seeking validation or debating what is/isn’t a unicorn could suck the joy out of that.


Well said, let’s remember the reason why we got into this hobby. To obtain and enjoy the cars we like at prices we love.

I’d say 12% off before incentives is excellent for a non-loaner with no miles on the odometer. Congrats on the new ride!


Something is wrong here. Corp fleet isn’t 500 anymore and is rather a discount on the car. Likewise, it can’t be combined with most incentives (I think grad can stack, but not 100% sure).

And I’m not sure how the lease credit is $5,250. Is that a recent change?

Edited to add that there is a recent change that is not on @BMW_Dave’s sheet from earlier this month.

Did you actually sign this deal or is it just hypothetical?

Does anyone know what stacks with Fleet?
It looks like fleet isnt $500. Looks like it replaces the lease credit

3250 lease credit 2500 loyalty at least in NJ
Your right no idea where the 5000+ lease credit is from that’s only for the x6