BMW 435 series lease


Needed your opinion on a deal I was getting on a lease in WI.

2016 BMW 435i, Xdrive, GranCoupe
Selling price: 54K
Incentives: 1K
10k miles/year, residual 59%
Zero down. 7 MSD
$ 5787 drive off (including taxes, doc/registration fee and the MSD’s)
$625/mo (including taxes)


It looks like you have 14% off MSRP. On this forum, they say that you should expect 18-25% off MSRP. You should be able to get lower. Also, could you share them term?

They had been very hesitant to do anything about the selling price. Perhaps they were proud of the fact they gave away the much reduced price directly by advertising on their website ( customer cash offer etc already included, I could only get the recent college grad incentive on my own)
MSRP on similar trims on is around 63K (and that too for a 2017 440, not 65K as they mentioned on paper for this 2016 435).

what’s the MF? like abrahamcisco said… you should be able to get more % off the MSRP.

MF was 0.0008 as per the dealer. The calculator here on this site states otherwise.
I did not push too much on this first meet with the dealer. But I told him directly the numbers I had in mind (including a 18% off the MSRP, at least).

One of the things that is holding me back is that I currently have a VW passat, the lease of which ends in May of this year. The dealer was hesistant to wait that much.

And is the residual set by the company itself? I see people posting here that they had even 61% residual value for 12K miles/yr lease while I was told (off of a “BMW info register” that it was 58% for such number of miles/yr).

It’s different every month, 59% for 36/10k is accurate for this month. base MF is 0.00136. There should be $1500 option allowance. Ask if it’s already included.

Yeah the residuals for the 2016s have gone down a lot unfortunately. I was looking at a demo 328 but the residual was 57% and I couldn’t get a good deal on the selling price. I’m hunting for a Q50 now. If you haven’t already definitely check if your employer has the BMW corporate fleet discount. That will give you $1,500 lease cash on top of what you’ve done already. If I were you I’d try and find out the invoice price on that car and get them to come down. Like you said already the 2017 440 MSRP is less on BMWs website so they’re inflating the MSRP. Get the MF to 0.00134 and do the 7 MSDs to make it 0.00085 too.

Thank you for your input everyone.
The only obstacle right now for me is that I already have a VW leased car, the term of which would end in May 2017 (tried to get it turned in earlier but VW credit would still charge me the 3 payments left-not economically sound for me to do so).

The BMW dealer mentioned that they can’t hold the car till then and many of the incentives already applied may not carry on in the coming months. I do realize it is mostly a marketing strategy to get rid of a 2016 model (in WI where the sales of such vehicles is not as high as Cali or TX).

Should I engage with the dealer right now and ask for a better deal and try to buy at least one more month before I sign the papers or should I get back to them in April-May of this year?

There is no such thing as buying time. Deal with them when you are ready to deal.


I don’t want to dissuade you on a potentially great car but I have a 4 series and it has been the biggest POS I, or anyone in my family, has ever experienced. I’m currently in talks with BMWNA trying to get the car bought back, or have the car lemoned. I’m not saying all BMWs are bad, obviously, but just be mindful of the real reviews people post on other sites about their experiences with their cars. There’s a disproportionately large percentage of owners dealing with multiple and repeat problems.

Now in regards to your lease question, I pay approximately 0.7% of the MSRP for my car every month without tax. That resulted from getting nearly 19% off MSRP and leasing when the RF value was 61%. Currently the lease you’re looking at is costing you 1,0% of the MSRP a month, In general, a lease could be considered good when you’re paying less than or equal to 1% of the MSRP every month.

I see you’re putting MSDs down so I’d make sure you’re lowering the base lease rate already and not just lowering an inflated MF. Also I think you can do better than 15% off MSRP. Especially considering the 435i is the old engine and at this point is already a whole model year old (since the 2017s are here and 2018s start production in just a few months).

Which engine, i.e. do you have the 428 or 435? What are the repetitive issues with it?

I have a 428xi gran coupe and have had numerous issues with the rear hatch not sealing correctly. It’s been in the shop I believe 7 times so far to fix the rear hatch. Also I’ve had electrical issues. So far the dealer has completely replaced the entire iDrive system, backup camera, bluetooth and USB ports and I’m still experiencing issues with the electrical systems in the car.

I have heard of such problems before. A friend got an X3 with similar problems. All the tech may be painful if it doesn’t work. Some other luxury brands have been criticized for it as well.

Talking of practicality-do you guys think that M sport package on an XDrive would pose any problem in Midwest winters (with 18" all weather tires)? Would the ground clearance be significantly different from the non M performance package?

Yeah it’s unfortunate. Since BMWNA wants nothing to do with helping me…

As far as M sport and ground clear with xDrive, I don’t remember what the actual measurement is but unless you’re getting the adaptive suspension, all xDrive models no matter M sport or not, get the base suspension which is raised compared to the base non xDrive suspension so you should still be fine.

7 times in the shop for same complaint?? That’s called a lemon and is eligible for manufacturer buyback.

Yeah but I’d have to get a lawyer for that. I tried to go through BMWNA so I wouldn’t have to do that unfortunately that may be my only option now though.

You don’t need a lawyer. The state attorney generals office or consumer protection agency can advise you how to file your claim. You need to keep all your receipts of work and document as much as you can regarding the attempts to fix.

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I live in Colorado so things are a bit different here but thank you for the link. I did submit a BBB complaint yesterday and now I’m waiting for them to respond. Unfortunately, from what I’ve read, it seems in CO your only options are to try and resolve something with the manufacturer and then if that doesn’t work to file suit. The attorney general website doesn’t even mention anything regarding lemon law.

Depending on what lawyers charge, you could file it pro se (i.e. by yourself)

Disclaimer: IANAA (I am not an attorney)