BMW 430xdrive GC is this a good deal?


Hi all,

My dealer offers $380/month, $2000DAS+DMV fee, no MSD, 12k/36mth for a BMW 430xdrive GC MSRP $51,935 loaner with 4,400 mile on it. The dealer is in NY but I’m in Northern NJ.

I thought it’s a good deal but after reading posts here, I’m not sure anymore :confused:. Could you tell me how good a deal it is? I’ll need to sign tomorrow if I want to take this deal. Thank you.

And by the way, I was astonished to find that for BMW 24month lease seems to yield better deal than 36mth. Could anyone enlighten me on that? (or point me to a topic that discusses it) Thank you.

Would need to see the breakdown - sale price, incentives, money factor, etc. Does it include tax?

If so I think it’s pretty good. Should consider MSD to improve it further.

Thanks. Yes, it includes tax. The dealer said NY dealers don’t take MSD, which surprised me because I thought the MSD is with BMW FS, not with the dealer.

That’s right. NY dealers can’t even for out of state folks. I had your locations flipped in my head when I posted. My bad.

A more detailed breakout would be helpful.

The dealer was reluctant to share details. Could we tell a good vs. not so good deal from the payment/MSRP without the breakdown? They said on the phone that “discount” is almost $12,000.

I would be concerned if they’re reluctant to share details. We know a few things so far:

MSRP = 51,395
Loaner with 4,400 miles
Is $2000 the downpayment?
What we don’t know is what’s included in the $12,000
$4250 I believe lease cash on the 430xi gc
$2500 Loyalty if you qualify, not sure what they’re offering for conquest if you have a competing brand. Putting both together gives you $6750. If the discount is taking the incentives into account, then they’re only discounting the car by $5k which is less than 10%.

Don’t ask for a monthly payment price.

  1. Find out how much they’re selling the car for … BEFORE incentives
  2. Know which incentives you qualify for, lease cash ($4250), Loyalty ($2500), OL Code (Sometimes $1000 sometimes $500. Dealer puts in $500 and BMW puts in $500, if the dealer is already cut to the bone, they’ll only add the BMW side)
  3. Why wouldn’t you do MSDs? Plug everything into the calculator here, run it both ways, with the DAS and with the MSDs, see which is cheaper.

Theoretically, assuming you qualify for everything, you could do:
$51,935 - $9000 (if dealer is aggressive at a bit over 17% off that loaner) + $4250 + 2500 + 500 = $16,250

If $12,000 includes the incentives then it’s meh. If it doesn’t, then it’s a good deal, but don’t trust their math. Use the calculator here. The salespeople aren’t always great at calculating leases. Get your pre-incentive price, add the incentives. Play with the MSDs, breaking out the $925 acquisition fee etc. See what works best. Then, ask the finance department how to structure the deal. I had at least one dealer bump the MF thinking I wouldn’t notice. Getting the breakdown is important.

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Thank you very much for your detailed response. Now I understand it.

I think you’re correct in guessing the selling price. I recall in the specs they sent me, they quote the price of $46,600 which is $5,335 discount. So like you said, $12k includes the incentives which is meh :sweat_smile:

Regarding MSDs, they said because they’re in New York, they don’t do MSD (I pressed twice about it). I didn’t do the drive event so I guess OL is out of question, or is there a way to get it?

Ok, now is a difficult question. Though I didn’t know the breakdown, I’ve been back and forth with them about payment and DAS, using another dealer quote to push this dealer. They insisted $380 + $2000 DAS is the best they could do.

I’m on a 2 month lease extension that ends on July 26th. If I take the car now, I don’t have to pay for the last month (July). Or I could walk away from this deal and come back to the market a few weeks later.

What should I do? Thank you.

Surely they won’t do this out of the kindness of their heart and it likely includes all possible rebates. Press for details and return with them for best advice.

And yeah…you could walk but it’s possible incentives will take a big drop like they did with the X2’s recently if FS is satisfied with how many 4’s they got sold. As much as I didn’t want to follow the 4s bandwagon myself, I jumped on because the incentives were so damned sweet that it enabled me to dump a truckload of negative equity into a new car while still keeping the payment halfway reasonable…

Reach out to other dealers and expand your search. You still have a few days. You could probably swing a similar discount on a brand new car (along with higher residual).

Look for BMW events in your area, in my area they ran a special event last week where you got an extra $1000 if you did a test drive (basically just an OL code). If the dealer cuts enough, the OL code only ends up getting you $500 which is nice, but not critical.

In my area at least, 2019 4-Series inventory is pretty slim, so no idea what will happen to that incentive next month.

Have you checked the marketplace?

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Yeah, You can pretty much map out which dealers are aggressive and which one’s aren’t at this point by stock levels on 2019 4’s. I happened to get the last and most expensive new 4 my dealer had. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you. Yes, I did see the deals. But as yesterday I was my first day with this forum, I didn’t understand it (I thought it’s too good to be true :sweat_smile:). Thanks to you, I’ve reached out to the broker. Hopefully I could get one of those car.

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