BMW 430I lease / loaner car / please help

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Hey guys new to lease hacker and new to leasing so please bare with me…

Looking to lease a bmw 430I so far this is where I’m at with the dealership (located in NJ)

Loaner car: 3500 miles
MSRP : $46882
selling price: $45,8300
.00188 money factor
57% residual
$925 acq. fee
$3967 down payment- $2048 NY taxes, $925 acq. fee, $398 dealer doc fee, $437 first month payment, $158 motor vehicle.

Now from what I know reading these forums thw asking price is a bit ridiculous; I’ve qualified for bmw loyalty and new grad, but doesn’t seem that was much so I don’t think I got the full incentive (correct me if I’m wrong)

I just want to know how I should proceed with the conversation we are communicating via email. Any help would be appreciated.

I know the price could be lower hence I want to prove that so if they have something newer in the lot I can’t get for the actual monthly payment they are showing

Would appreciated some advice please, really new at this

Is it a 18 or 19? Discount is horrible almost $1000 off sticker shoot for 18-20% Before rebates

It’s a 2019

Then ask @nyclife for brokering help. Goal is ca. $375 before taxes for 30m/10k (sweet spot). You need $39,000 selling price

Are you sure you don’t want rather the new 2019 330x?

330 vs 430
2019 330