BMW 4 series lease

Hi all, this is my first post. All the info here has been immensely helpful. I am lookin got buy a BMW 4 series. This is a quote I got from one of the dealers in the Bay Area.
Model: BMW 430i Gran Coupe with Navigation
MSRP: $47,645
$43,833 Online special price
-$2,000 Lease credit
36 month lease
10k miles per year
$1,500 basic drive-off included tax, license, registration, bank fee and your first lease payment
$576 a month plus tax

This seems to be on the higher side. I offered to pay MSD, but he said MSD have been discontinued by BMWFS for over a year. Any suggestions on how can I bring this down?

Thanks a lot!

Make sure you are getting the buyrate MF, get an OL code, look into getting a BMWCCA membership and ask for a bigger discount OR look into getting a loaner model.

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For reference, I picked up 2018 430i Coupe (New) MSRP $53k for $478 per month (tax included) with $1500 DAS.

Also in Bay Area.


Thanks for the reply. I will look into the butyrate MF and the OL code. What do you think would be a good monthly payment I should target for this BMW 430i, with a $1500 DAS?

Could you PM me the dealership? According to your calculations, what should I target for this vehicle with a $1500 DAS? My credit score is above 780.

East Bay BMW

I would target 15% off MSRP before incentives and monthly around $430 tax included.

Contact @GAngellBMW. He works at East Bay BMW.

That’s who I worked with :+1:

They do have two loaner 430i GC in-stock so it should be fairly easy to get a great deal on them…

15% off new or loaner? Seems too good for new lol

I got 21% off NEW (see trophy garage) :slight_smile:

(yes right time right place does matter but realistically it’s possible)

Fixed it for ya
(yes right time right place does matter but it’s possible)

Thanks @Jon and @komrade - I PM’d him.


Hi All, I am new to the Dallas area and am in need of a new BMW lease (most likely 4 or 5 series), anyone know any good brokers in the area? I hear it can be a tough market for leases…