BMW 3series loaner lease question

First time trying to “hack” a lease deal on retired loaners in SoCal here.

46,xxx msrp

My problem has been trying to cut the msrp down from many dealers but no one would go below 13 ish percent of the off at best if they are even willing to negotiate. Based on reading I feel like I should aim for at least 17 percent off. Any tip on how to sweet talk dealers? Orr is it more about timing and patience?
As soon as I do that the rest seemed straight forward with 0 down, MSDs, conquest, ol code, and other credits.
Thanks in advance!

17% is nice, but if you’re in a tough market and you can crack 15% off on a car that you actually want for the car and not just the deal, I think that’s good (personally).

You don’t “cut the MSRP down”. You reduce the selling price. You cannot reduce the MSRP. It is set by the manufacturer

semantics. I understood what he meant

You say that, but I have seen a bunch of people new to leasing post up calculator links that don’t match what a dealer sent them because they tried to reduce the MSRP and not the selling price.

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Yeah definitely knew this but it’s good to be reminded

But any tip on actually trying to lower the selling price though?

Tell them what you’re willing to pay and base it on aggressive, yet realistic numbers.

I do straight up tell them I’m aiming for 17 percent off. But it seems to go nowhere. I will keep trying. Thanks.