BMW 340i XDrive Demo

I’m trying to work on negotiating a lease for a 340 Demo right now. Thoughts? What can i push to lower my monthly?

MSRP: $57,775
Discounted selling price: $49,950
Term: 36 months
Mileage: 15,000 per year
Tax: state tax included in the monthly payment
Down payment: $0 cap cost reduction
Due at signing: first payment + plates (new $99 or transfer $25) + doc. fee $172.15 + title $95 + electr. registration $25
Monthly payment: $686*

You can get a new one for around 500 ish. Demo is not worth it unless you can get more than 25% off msrp.

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agree with @iKevyn, not enough discount.

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I’ll aim to get the MSRP of the vehicle down. From what im understanding, there’s still about 5k on the table to negotiate off the discounted 49k to get a 23-25% discount on the vehicle.

how many miles are on the demo? and what state is this?


Oddly enough i was going crazy trying to find the mileage on the car but it isnt listed on its posting. I’ll ask the rep that im working with.

Still negotiating but i’ve been able to get 2 dealerships around the same ball park. Both Dealerships are coming towards a stop on negotiating but i feel like these 2 should definitely be able to hit high 400s/ low 500s.

340i xdrive case 1
MSRP $57825
2500 miles on car
0 down
36 mo / 15k mi
576 per month

340i xdrive case 2
MSRP $57775
4k miles on car
0 down
36 mo / 15k mi
551 per month

Someone will just take your deal, walk into one of these dealers and pick your car. You don’t need to post actual cars and dealer info, IMO.

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