BMW 340i M - 15K a year lease

The new bmw 340i M have just landed. I am going to test drive one tomorrow.

Anyone have any ideas on how much a good lease payment with very little down and 15k a year would be? Just looking for a rough estimate…

MSRP - 65K

$666.66 +/- $66.66

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Just drove the car… it was great

On a 65K car I was offered the following

15k a year
1500 down ( including first month and standard initial fees )
57% residual

790 plus tax

How do I get to the 650 mark?

Post MSRP, selling price, & MF so peopls can evaluate the deal

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By getting a higher dealer discount or waiting

Makes me think of this deal

Lol that guy has this one beat by a bit… almost the same car. Both have a 3 and M in them