BMW 340i lease eval

This site is exactly what Im looking for, thank you for providing us with all of this information!

I’m in the market for a 340i and found this just by emailing the Internet fleet manager. What do you guys think?

MSRP: 55,595, sale price: 49,895. 12k X 36 months lease with $2137 drive off = $598 with tax

I’m thinking the sales price is the only thing that is negotiable, that and putting MSDs.

I’m getting exactly the same numbers when I plug everything into the lease calculator. That’s good – it means the dealer isn’t marking up the MF or adding bogus fees.

You’re right: the only thing left to do is to negotiate the selling price and use MSDs. If you can find a dealer that still hasn’t reached its month-end targets, another $2,000 to 3,000 off should be doable.

Don’t forget about college grad cash, Ultimate Driving Event cash, or Corporate Fleet Incentive (need to work for a large firm), if you qualify.