Bmw 340gt lease


Hello, got the following offer and need your input if this is a good deal
2018 340GT msrp 56500 discounted to 51500
36/10k lease 570 (with 10.3% tax) and 2600 out the door that consists of 1st month, delivery, fees and insurance (900 and not sure what it is) tax on insentive and registration (600). How is this deal?
This is in WA that is nutorious for horrible deals. I told them I will go to CA and they said they can’t match CA deals but will try to compete with Portland. Also they said money factor is base, think it was 0.00182 or something like that.

You’re approaching BMW 440i GC prices, the effective payment for this 340 GT is $643

not enough discount.
Get the car from CA and ship it or drive it back, it’s not worth the aggravation when you’re that close to CA.

What price should it be at for that year, mileage and msrp?

Shoot for 10% before incentives, I assume your price above includes the $3k lease cash

No BMW deals in Seattle. At least not that I’ve ever seen. Best bet is to shop BMW Portland or Kuni BMW.