BMW 330Xi M sport


I’m in central PA. we have 1 dealer and they have basically little inventory to speak of.
How reasonable is 11-12% off (before incentives) a 2019 330xi m-sport in the NJ/Philly area?

I’m about to start hacking a lease and I want to have my expectations in the ball park.
DC area dealers seem to be advertising fairly big discounts on 2019 330Xi, but not sure a little further north.
Also what are the typical doc fees in the philly/NJ area?

You should be trying to get 11%-12% regardless of market. This is an entry level “sport” luxury sedan and there’s no special niche market it fills. This is a very competitive segment and I think over 10% is reasonable.

It’s funny that somehow this 12% thing has become accepted as just doctrine. I’ve been shopping 3 series for a couple months now. Is 12% possible? Yes, but most dealers won’t go anywhere near there. It’s a brand new car and BMW dealers know most buyers are happy to pay 5% off. On this forum you’ll see lots of exceptions, but 12% is not automatic


I guess it depends on where your located as well. I’ve had 6 BMW’s over the years and it really doesn’t take much effort to get to 12% or more (in some cases)

just curious what market have you been shopping?

Because it is.

When manufacturers start pricing cars at what the market actually will pay, this will stop.

I’m in the SoCal Market. You can get to 12% with incentives fairly easily, but to get there before incentives is NOT a given. Many dealers will let you walk. I was sitting the dealership after test driving a car and overheard a phone conversation where a buyer was asking for 10% off and the dealership told him to take a hike. Their exact words were “I think we’re just too far apart.” And this dealership is one of the highest volume dealers in the area. Lots of money in SoCal I guess??

It’s not hard it just takes emailing 10 dealerships in SoCal. One will bite. Personally I never ask for 10% upfront. I have them walk into it.

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If you build a relationship with a specific dealer and CA that’s done right by you over time, they’re more willing to discount for you typically. You just have to know how to pick the cars.

Electric makes a good point. I start by targeting aged units. Also don’t ignore over optioned cars as the larger discount can overcome the impact to payment given the inflated residuals with bmw.

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Aged units almost lease better than loaners due to the RV hit you take with a loaner.

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How can one find out whether a unit is aged or not?

Sticker or other doc on car might have production date. Last 6 on VIN are usually sequential (I found an 000495 once, over a year after it arrived on the lot). Look-up on

ITry bmw reading Pennsylvania they are pretty good with there negotiations, had a 530 loaner at 17% off pre incentives couple months back

530 residuals are dropping like a rock. I am not surprised as we have offered similar.

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It’s a sedan in an SUV-crazy market. This was bound to happen.

Yeah aiming for 22-24% right now pre incentives

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That’s bold, even for a loaner. More power to you if you get it though!!

Lol yeah I know haha after seeing that post on 20% off a new it just made me want to hunt again, going to have to transfer out of my 3 series if I find someone willing to bite, doubt it though but why not try lol
20% off a new seems a lot harder though if that was possible it would be the same as getting 22%+ off a loaner due to cca rebate

Good luck. I know programs are aggressive but I haven’t seen anything that wild yet. The 2019 5 series is a great deal currently though.