BMW 330xi M Sport Lease deal -



I am looking at a dealer offer of a 2018 330ix with Convenience and M Sport package; MSRP $49,235, sale price $39,523. Would love to know if the leasehackrs think i can ask for anything else. I am doing this on a lease.
The lease is $266/month, 36 months, 10K miles, plus $3500 which includes first month, title, tax, etc. In Mass the sales tax is 6.25% on the monthly lease price. It’s a glacier silver metallic with black sensatec, sunroomf, heated seats, heated steering wheel, power seats, back up camera, 8speed AT .
This sounds like a heck of car. Any feedback on this? I want to put a deposit on it today, test drive it and see if I can wrap this up this week while it’s on President’s day promo.


Does that $3.5k include MSDs? If so, good deal. If not, put down MSDs and lower your CCR


Thanks, it does not include MSDs. I will ask about them!


When I called and made an appt to drive the car, and put a deposit down, the sales manager said that the lease price shown includews $1000 for loyalty customers. Since I don’t own a BMW he said I don’t qualify for that lease price, so the lease is somewhat higher. However, I can’t find anything in the print that says the price already includes a loyalty discount; it states sales price, and lease price, with no notes or mentions. The fine print on the financing pages do state which vehicles may qualify for further discounts, but I can’t find anything specific on this one in particular. Any suggestions? It shoots the lease up by $47/month. Still a great deal, and I can’t find anything remotely close in Mass for a 330 ix. That would make the monthly lease $273/mo.


You need to ask for all numbers.
A $1k loss on Loyalty shall translate to approx. $30/month (not $47) on a 36 month lease.


Here are the details.
MSRP or list price of the car: $49235.00
Selling price: $36718.40
Registration: $ 135.00
Document fee: $ 595.00 + tax
Acquisition fee: $ 925.00 + tax
Gross Capitalized Cost: $36718.40
Rebate; $ 3500.00
Cash Cap reduction: $ 1450.00 + tax
Net Cap Cost: $31768.40
Amount paid by customer* $ 3530.70

*This will be adjusted to $3500.00

Monthly payment: $240.13 (includes sales tax)


Im taking delivery of a 330xi by the end of this month, albeit a cheaper non M Sport (MSRP of $46K)

Is this a new car or a loaner? Discount looks decent. Ask them if you can put down MSDs and ask to waive the acquisition fee (which will slightly raise the MF). Not having the 1K loyalty sucks. Im not eligible for it either, so that’s $30 more a month on a 36 month lease or $40 a month on a 2yr lease.

The 2 month program should be same in payment given the above scenariors. The M sport should be a beauty. Wait till @joeblogs chimes in, hes a beemer expert…


nice discount


Its an exec loaner! They did give me all the original pricing at the end including the loyalty discount under some other “discount” some where. I dont care how they get there but i think $240/mo inlc taxes and $3500 to cover acquisition, registration, title etc is awesome. I dont really care about the msd but mayask about a 24 mo. Not sure why i would put more money out when the lease is already such a win. Unless it will helpme buy the car at the end at a lower price- am not sure I completely understamd the benefit of msd in this case


Approx 20% discount which is ok for a used car (loaner) particularly the less discounted M series.
After what I’ve learned here I Would never pay $1500 down aka “cap cost reduction”.


Any suggestions on the dealer lease options - maintenance and tires? I think I can pass on the Maintenance and pay myself for one tune up and oil change for less than $840. The up front cost of the tire program is 1240- I wont finance this at the interest rate they Charge. Worth it with run flats? Its a gamble…



where was this deal made?

I’ve started looking in the Detroit area and first dealer I went to came down 10% on a 2018 loaner. I showed him examples on LH of 17% to 22% off. Response was Detroit is in a different region and there is no program to support this.


it was in the boston area. I looked at every dealer website to find their loaner car specials and this one just happened to be on when I looked
There was one 320 ix also about 226/mo, pretty loaded car in fact, at that dealership in Peabody, ma