BMW 330xi Loaner Deal Check


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 330xi Loaner
MSRP: $50,095
Monthly Payment: $449
Drive-Off Amount: $0 DAS (taxes, titles and fees have been rolled in). $0 MSDs
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00099
Residual: 59% gross
Incentives: $2,750 (loyalty + lease credit)
Region: NY Tristate area
Leasehackr Score: 10.4
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Have been trying to crack a 330xi Loaner for a few weeks now and this is the best that I’ve been able to grab - have found it pretty tough in July in the current environment. Would appreciate any thoughts!


4,730 demo miles

$50950 MSRP
$41,779 Pre-Incentive Selling Price
18.0% Pre-Incentive Discount

Can you confirm you have NOT included any of the $2,750 loyalty/lease cash in the selling price figure.

This is great given the market conditions - enjoy the car

@gigi25 Pay attention to this demo deal (east coast). @mashter did it the right way.

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Confirmed that it is 18% pre-incentive sales price.

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Good deal checklist:

1 Pre-Incentive Discount 18% CHECK
2. Buy rate MF CHECK
3. Get all the incentive you can. CHECK
4. MSDs applied HACKRs will ding you on this
5. No down payment to lower cap cost CHECK
6. No inflated fees or garbage add-ons CHECK (Partial Check, I don’t know CT fees)
7. Preferred options/color combo HOPE SO!

Well done - especially in a dealer-friendly market where they have the inventory leverage.

How many dealers did you engage? What was the next best pre-incentive discount you were able to negotiate?

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Deal looks good. Did you check to see if the dealer hid any fees in the contract? Otherwise congratulations and enjoy the car! Trophy Garage!

Thank you for the thorough checklist!

I must have engaged, at minimum, 15 different dealerships within my radius (southwestern CT, most of southern NY and some of NJ). MSRPs ranged from $48K - $55K. The next closest deal in CT was 6% off MSRP (100% serious and very hard to negotiate), NY was somewhere around 10% (can’t remember 100% - these dealers were not negotiating) and NJ was in the 10-15% range (after negotiating). Some of the dealers were contacted in June and not July and I didn’t go back to them in July because the discounts were measly so not sure if it would’ve made a difference. NY was particularly tough to negotiate in for me (relatively green negotiator) - not sure if it’s due to the dealer fee caps or they just didn’t like me, but I didn’t have a lot of luck.

You ain’t green no more.

Can’t find anything outside of some annoying accessories in the MSRP of the vehicle… I will have to do a more thorough scan and follow up if I see anything, but the contract looks good. Even if there are some small fees, I doubt I’d be able to budge the dealership any further as they made it clear that they’re taking a wash on this car for me… I probably won’t even bring it up if there’s a stupid fee that’s $100 or something. I don’t see any “etching” or “nitrogen tire” fees anywhere in the contract.

You landed on a great 18% pre-incentive discount. What was your initial pre-incentive offer to your winning dealer.

MODIFIED CALCULATOR for another city.

@gigi25 If you take mashter’s deal calculator and tweak it for SoCal sales tax, max out MSDs you get:

$353/month after LA tax, $2,423 DAS, $2,800 refundable MSDs. Play with the calculator and see if there is a payment & cash outlay scenario you favor. This is also a $50K car so you can chose to target a lower or higher MSRP to adjustment payments.

Do your homework.

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