BMW 330i Xdrive looking for target price (NY)

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Hi guys,
Can you let me know if this looks like a reasonable deal to shoot for - Looking for 10% off of an in stock 330xi in NY (Long Island). I think the Lease cash is $1,000 and conquest id $750. Thanks in advance! Here are the numbers in the calculator.
bmw 330xi NY

That should be a doable discount if you are willing to travel beyond LI to the mainland

However why would anyone spend $575/m $0 DAS on a 330i?

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Have you looked in the marketplace?

This seems like a layup deal. I think you can do better…especially if you target a demo.

Where did you get those incentives numbers?

If you’re looking at a 2021, lease cash is $1,500, and there is no conquest.

Go west, young man. (To New Jersey).

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I guess because I like the car?

Thanks! That came from the local dealers #s listed as a $1,750 rebate - he didn’t break it down

No problem! I would plan on $1,500, not $1,750, and calculate from there. You can confirm on Edmunds too.

Still not a very good reason to overpay. That’s M340i money. Look for a demo 330i or swap into someone’s existing lease if your credit is excellent