BMW 330i Offer? How to approach?

First-time leaser and would love some thoughts on below. Having trouble figuring out how to work the calculator. Missing some details like MF but what I have received thus far is below for 36/10K on a 330i:

MSRP: 41,425
Purchase Option: 25,269 (61%)
Sales Tax: 9.5%
Drive-Off: 5,776
Rebate as cap reduction: 3,500 (3K incentive and 500 corporate fleet)
Cash on delivery: 2,276 (includes 1st month, acq. fee, registration fees/insurance, upfront taxes - Acq. Fee: 925, Fees/Insurance: 582, Upfront Taxes: 427)

Monthly: 312 (341 with tax includes)

Is that enough information to calculate an MF or do I need to get it directly from dealer? Where can I focus on negotiation if that this is not a good deal?


You can’t calculate the money factor cause they are not showing you the actual selling price. At buy rate of 0.00156 your initial cap cost is $36,746.25 and that’s a dealer discount of $4,669. That is 11% off MSRP and that’s a great deal. don’t think twice about it.