BMW 330i M sport deal

So I visited local BMW dealerships and sent some emails few other dealerships as well.

So far, this was best deal I got.
MSRP: 50700
Discount : 9.8%
RV: 59%
Incentives: $2750(Lotalty + lease credit)
MF: dont know but I think its 0.00099 since my credit score is over 750
$0 Down
++ some doc, taxable, non-taxable fees

Monthly: $561(inc. tax)

I asked for better discount rate. which was 12%
But they would never go with this discount rate.

Since there are low stocks on cars due to this COVID situation.

Also, Are international students treated in different leasing program?

one of the dealerships raised MF since I am an international student and asked me to submit additional documents and they told me that they cant give more discount since I am an international student.

They can mark the MF up regardless of credit score. You need to confirm (based on your discount, incentives and payment I’m guessing it is).

I pretty much did this same deal on my M Sport for $469/mo 0 Down and $3500 MSD. My deal had me at 11% off MSRP same $2750 incentives