BMW 330i Loaner

Selling Price:

Annual Mileage:


Total Due At Signing:
Monthly Payment:

Funny. I just PMed you about his vehicle 30 minutes ago to see if it was still leasable and now you make an ad for it.

I guess in the future, I should contact someone else at your dealership so whatever car I might be interested in doesn’t get sold out from under me.


For anyone that might be interested, the MF is marked up to the max of .00192. Don’t settle for anything more than the buyrate of .00152.


Poor form. The discount is mediocre too.


I PMed him to see if it was still leaseable and to get the MSRP since it isn’t listed on their website.

Next time, I’ll make sure to contact a salesperson that I know isn’t on LeaseHackr. :laughing:

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You can do as you wish my friend no hard feelings on my side…

Crap deal. @BMW_Dave was giving a 55k 330e 2018 demo for $280 with sales taxes.

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Mine was a unicorn but they do pop up now and then. And all my leases are quoted at .00152 MF unless credit requires an adjustment. :smiley:


(Removed) thank you for commenting everyone the car is being sold later this weekend by a co worker, not a bad deal just not as aggressive as the other deals. I get it we all want the lowest Price, MF, and all the incentives. I will continue to post only the unicorns, please refrain from curse words we are all adults here.