BMW 330i Loaner Lease Offer

Checkout these numbers guys. Been trying to negotiate a lease for a loaner 330i in SoCal. Here are the numbers he sent me. Original MSRP is $43,991 according to the website. Sale price at 35,444. Claims to include the 4000 lease rebate and the 1000 recent college grad rebate (I dont qualify for loyalty 1000).

Won’t budge lower than this price. Obviously not a deal I am interested in with 3000 out of pocket. I ran the numbers in the Leasehackr Calculator and my payment came at about $326 with LA tax and with 0 drive off.

MSRP: 43,991
Sale Price: 35,444
Incentives: 5000 (4000 + 1000)
MF: 0.00182
RV: 58%
36 months, 10K.
Pre Tax: 299
With Tax: 326

Am I calculating something wrong? What can I do to bring down the payments?

They are showing only $4k incentives. Are you sure you agreed on $5k?
With $4k, I get pretty close to their numbers. I don’t know what tax is or how it works for you, so I left it default.

An extra $1k rebate would make a huge difference. Less than $800 drive-offs and less than $300/mo.

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Yeah thats the numbers I am seeing too. I emailed the guy confirming about that extra $1,000 college grad. Lets see what he says.

Loaners only get $3k rebate, then you can add the $1k recent grad for a total of $4k.