BMW 330i loaner Advice

Hi, joeblogs adviced me to start my own thread for my quote. This would be my first time leasing. Can you guys help me with this quote? The salesperson said he’s rolling the $3000 rebates to pay off the drive off. Due at signing would be $0. Any help is appreciated.

MSRP: $46090
Negotiated sales price: $38,181
Location: SoCal

18% off on a loaner is not bad these days, especially with only 2k miles on it.
My suggestion is to wait until end of month because it’s the end of Q2, dealers become more inclined to make a deal as they want to end the month/quarter on a high note.

I think there is probably $1000 in this deal, if you time it correctly. Depends if you are in a “need a car” vs. “want a car” scenario.

@305Hackr, like 28fire says, should I try to get $1000 off by the end of the month if that loaner is still in their inventory? How does the monthly payment looks based on those numbers?

@28firefighter, don’t need a car right now. Been wanting BMW. Of course if the price is right, I’d make a deal. Would love to get the monthly less than $400.