BMW 330i Lease Return with only 6000 miles. Do I have any bargaining power?

Hello, I’m in Los Angeles. My 2019 330i Lease ends at the end of August. Seems like a terrible time to try and buy/lease a car. My payoff amount is ~28,000. The car is in great shape and only 6000 out of 30000 miles. According to KBB, its value is around 38,000 to 41,000. Which seems high, and unlikely that I’d get anything close to that in trade-in. I also know I’m very limited in where I can trade it in due to no 3rd party buy-out clause. Carmax gave me a 35,000 estimate. Edmunds 33,000. I plan on contacting a few of the sellers here and see what they’d offer, including Equityhacker.

I kind of want to get away from BMW, because its a bit too pricy for me, I pay $475 a month now with tax, and the new 330 are now in the mid-500s. I was hoping to get down to $300 a month, but it doesn’t seem like that’s very feasible now. Hell, a camry in the marketplace is $415/mo at the moment. And I’d like to switch to Electric due to gas prices and market trends, but they seem like they’re going fast.

This will only be my third time getting car and the last two times I feel like I got pretty hosed so I’m a bit lost.

sell it to autonation they can buy it
not sure how close they can come to carmax

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Honestly, I would just buy it out and finance it. Over a 60-mo term, you’ll be pretty close to what you’re already paying.

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Closer to 100 month term with 0 down if he wants to stay around 300

A 330e can be had for low to mid 40’s (I’ve seen 6% off offered here) plus $5836 tax credit. Just sell your car and get one of these and it’s good on gas too. With your positive equity will put you below $400 for sure if you have tax liability to claim the credit.

Will you be driving more miles a year anytime soon?

If I can find one, been looking at local dealer inventory and it seems like the 3 series is very limited availability.

Unlikely, I work from home now.

You will have to order, takes 2 months plus maybe.

I just submitted a trade in request, so I’ll see what they come back with

You could also use a broker on here who can assist you in getting the best deal on one

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maybe doing 7.5k miles a year could help to keep payments lower.

Yes but at 60 mo he’s pretty close to his existing payment of $475.

There’s very little out for $300 effective payment, even with the equity.

Does bmw pass down the tax credit via lease cash for leasing?

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Negative. 10 char

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I don’t see how you got hosed with a 475 monthly on a 3 series that now has potentially 8-10k equity….

You can get to $300 with a Nissan leaf. Find a dealership group that has both Nissans and BMWs and trade in the BMW for a leaf.

Way too much misinformation in your post - you can’t trade a leased BMW in to a Nissan dealership. No way this car has 8-10k equity even with 6k mileage- further, and yeah, he could have gotten hosed. Unless it was a sign and drive deal, sounds like he likely overpaid - remember- he has a 2019, deals were way better 3 years ago.

You can if they can process the lease buyout through an affiliated bmw dealer


You got me bro. Nice little loophole there. Thanks for catching