BMW 330i lease advice: $3312 DAS, $335+tax, 36/10k

Hi all!

I’m trying to find a lease on a 2020 BMW 330i and was offered $3312 DAS and $335+tax for 36/10k a popular dealer in South Bay (Area)

I’ve seen a few deals on LH for $2000 DAS and $335+tax for 36/10k so think that this can be better, but need help to understand:

  1. What is the ‘upfront’ amount listed? It seems to include the Cash down but what else does it include?

  2. The dealer quoted me a 0.00158 MF and residual of 60%. Does the residual apply on the MSRP or the Net Price?

  3. Should I wait for a few months for the 2021 version instead or are these deals good enough to grab.

Also have the option of financing it for the $38k (including tax), the dealer is extremely hard to contact so figured I’d get a real answer here

EDIT: This is a loaner with 3000 miles

Thanks in advance!

Is this a new car? On the surface, you’re getting a decent discount, 15% pre-incentives. Are there other incentives you qualify for? Do you know what the $2750 consists of?

MF is fully marked up, but that’s probably to make up for the discount given. It’s not a bad deal, and MSD’s will get it down lower. Also, if they can break down the fees, it will give you better clarity. Oh, and they need to take off the Phantom footprint.

Good luck!

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Yeah, I noticed that, too…

To the OP: residual applies to MSRP. I’d check the MF w/ Edmunds b/c I doubt there’s more room for pre-rebate discount. As @Kctham18 (strongly) consider MSDs, if you can afford it.

No one can answer the question about waiting for a 2021 b/c none of us know what the world will be like a few wks from now, let alone a few months. Your deal isn’t a unicorn, but you’re not being ripped off, either.

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Phantom Footprint this must be a Sonic dealer. They most likely will not take that off.

If you’re looking at a 43k bmw, you should be able to easily afford MSDs if you’re house of cards is in order, they function as a a double digit annual roi investment, better than a savings account or a money market account, hands down.

I’m calling in @BMW_Dave at Murietta, he’ll be able to help, highly recommended.

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2021 will have less of a discount. If there are no new features I’m not seeing the upside of it. Model year shouldn’t matter if you are leasing.

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Don’t payment shop. Take the time to understand why the deals you have seen are that price and apply the fundamentals to the lease programs you qualify for to see what your cost should be. It’s useless targeting others’ payments unless you know all the details are the same.


Is this Stevens Creek?

For that mileage loaner, u need 16% discount at base MF before incentives and make sure you get all the rebates. Do u have OL code?

That makes complete sense. I’m not in any rush so am trying to understand the right way to approach leases and totally appreciate the advice this forum and thread has shared my way!

Yes, it is Stevens Creek. Their sales folks refuse to hop on a call. I’ve had to call and text and am probably giving up on them. So thankful for everyone else’s guidance on this thread though.

Unfortunately I don’t have an OL code. The event happened 2 miles away from me actually but couldn’t attend. Now I’m wishing I’d gone :expressionless: Have one you can send my way? :smiley:

  1. Go talk to Said Tarim at that dealership.
  2. Confirm RV and MF from Edmunds for this car.
  3. Ask for 16-17% based on this mileage. If they are marking up the MF, ask for 1-2% more discount.
    5.OL codes are specific to person. Usually events happen last weekend of the month or the long weekend, so you may get it this or next weekend.
  4. Do MSDs to reduce MF.
  5. Don’t buy extra shit at the finance office.
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Was just trying to keep apples-to-apples and help leverage rebates/loyalty etc.

but wow, just ran the numbers on the MSD and it’s truly a fab deal.

I’m still trying to figure how that upfront amount is calculated though!

Found here on the site under the topic from Jan. 2019. This should be current afaik with MF reduction and payment calculation. Anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

If you’re still considering other dealers, I can recommend a few in Cal.

Pacific and Murietta are my top picks. @samson (pacific) and @bmw_dave (Murietta), @bmwdavid (nationwide) has a network of dealers you should check out.


It’s actually a loaner. I edited the post to include that in but appreciate you making me realize that!

I qualify for Loyalty so that probably helps and they included $750 for that, and $2000 for a general lease rebate

Other way around. 750 lease, 2k loyalty

Is upfront your first month fee and did you roll in the acquisition fee in there as well? Idk though sorry