BMW 330i for $300+tax

Hi All,

I am trying to get BMW 330i+Driver Assistance package for less than $300 and $0 down, but haven’t been able to get any deals. Is that even possible?

Tried the same for C-300 but couldn’t.

Thanks in advance.

Good luck please let us know if you find a dealer who will do it. All of the ones here want $500+/mo

A 39k (sDrive) BMW for under the 1% rule?
Yeah, no.

thanks. I have got a deal on BMW 330i_Display Assistant+Technology Package

  • MSRP - $44820
  • Sale Price - $37500(this did include the Corporate discount)
  • MF - 0.00130
  • RV - 62
  • Cap Reduction - $200
    MOnthly - $376+tax ($411)
    Total Drive Off - $1000

LeaseHacker Score: 9.9

Pretty solid for a BMW deal nowadays.

Why $200 CCR though?
Just do 0.

He mentioned it is for Cap reduction. The color is Glacier Silver Metallic/Black w/Red

Yeah but $200 makes no sense.
It equals like $6 a month.
Pay that $6 more monthly and put the $200 towards better tires than the run flat crap they come with, or towards a full tire replacement before lease end.

Okay. But this is still above my budget. so still trying to find something

there was a deal we got for 1k down 356 tax included…but know there is still room to go down

Okay. If I find something I will post it here. Thanks

Then maybe look at a 320.
A BMW is going to cost you more in the long run than just monthly.
You will likely be buying new tires and maybe brakes.

Or if $300 or less is your budget, maybe look at something other than a BMW.

Got the deal from the same dealer for 320i

  • MSRP - $37495
  • Sale Price - $31075
  • MF - 0.00130
  • RV - 62
  • drive Off - $850 (First payment+license fee)
    Monthly - $310+tax=$335

Have been looking the same deal for 330i

To expect that same deal on a car with a 6.5k difference isn’t reasonable.
Hell, may as well shoot for the moon and ask for that deal on a 340.

But they are both decent deals for BMWs in todays leasing climate.


Which dealer gave you this 330i deal for $376/month?

This is a good deal!!! Expecting this for higher model car is unreasonable. Take a hike and sign this deal :slight_smile:. I missed a 666 per month deal on a 70k 540i in March fishing for “better” deals!! This is below our 1% rule as well! Suggest you take the 330.

Irvine BMW in Southern California

Be careful with them, I had a deal in writing for a client, once the client pursued the deal they upped the price by $20 a month

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Try Greg Poland from Pacific BMW. See what BMW does in a few days for June offers.

Thanks. Is there an email address for Greg?