BMW 330e NorCal Deal, please help

I’ve been trying to get a good deal in norcal, but this is what I got till now.
Dealer won’t give base MF 0.00182. Checked several dealers in norcal but no one do that

Here is leasehackr calculate. please help.

BMW new 330e
Monthly payment: $474 with zero drive off.
MSRP: 50945
7k discount before rebate
5k rebate
61% RV
MF 0.00222

Go to Southern CA. Tell them the dealer discount, some So Cal dealer will probably match, and give you a base MF.

Did they mark up MF even with good credit? Look on this site for 330e socal deals, your car is a little more loaded than most, but socal 330e are considerably cheaper (~350 for 49k MSRP) as reported on this site.

Been shopping around NorCal BMW dealerships and all have given base MF.

yes, even with good credit they won’t give base MF.

7k discount is 13.7% off MSRP $50,945.

Can it be considered a not-bad deal?

December 330e lease credit is 6000. That will bring it down another $27/month.