BMW 330e deal evaluation

Please help evaluate my deal I am still working on
2018 BMW 330e, has just below $5k miles, with only Convenience package (roof) and heated seats
1. MSRP $49,440
2. Selling price $36,440
3. Gross cap cost of the car $38790
4. Incentives $6,000
5. Money Factor (MF) .00182
6. Residual (in %) 61
7. Term of your lease (months) 36
8. Mileage allotment 10K

I was given only a part of the lease sheet printout, where I can see additional info:

tax $3880
doc fee and license $130
TOTAL $38790

The offer extended is $348 with tax included with $2,000 down (customer cash)
When trying to put data in the calculator, it fits the quote but without the need to put $2k down.

I will ask for more details - a complete lease sheet, no money down which will add $55/m (no cost to them) and additional forgiveness of $1,000 as I do not have Loyalty (numbers above pretend Loyalty). I am considering to shorten the lease for 2 years only, for a decrease ca. $25/month.

Shall I push harder and where ?

Go 24mo and bump the MF by .0005 to waive the acq fee. Post your calculator link too, did you adjust the residual for the miles?

I leased a loaner with the exact same MSRP in August (sale price 41,777) I had loyalty, my deal was $1500 DAS $315 a month. You should get lower monthly payment it seems.

Rookie question, what is the acquisition fees for loaners? and is it an automatic MF bump for 24 months?

you’ve got about 13K savings with dealer discount and incentives. (assuming thats how you meant it). on new car you should be able to easily get 6k off msrp + 6k rebates+loyalty. so if that is the case, you should be looking for more of a discount, or just go with new.
keep in mind incentives are less for non-new vehicles.

for 36 month , residual should be around 55% with current miles (ball park), and if you go 24, you should land around 61-62% residual.

what state is this deal being done in?

as far as the other question regarding loaners, same 925$ acq fee. MF bump for 24month term, no, rate is still .00182.

You can do better. I got a 52k new one for 365$ a month for 12k per year and 24 months with only first mint and registration fee due at signing.

And a second one for 385$ a month with all the same as above except an MSRP of 54k.

There aren’t many 2018s left in the NYC surrounding area and after shopping around for months considering X2 and loaners and getting extremely aggressive quotes I believe that the 330e were the best bargain bmw had going for the month of December so though I wasn’t considering two I just had to pull the string on them.

Those seem like crazy prices, what was the selling price of each?

One was almost 52k and the second added the navigation and was almost 54k. Need to pull up the paperwork for exact but yeah I just rounded up 1-200$ more or less

New vehicle residual is 61% for 36 months, 67% for 24 months (Edmunds)
According to BMW Wiki here, as this car is below 5000mi, the calculation for mileage penalty is <actual miles minus 500> times $0.25
So this would be around $1000 or approx. -2% hit on RV.
What would be a realistic % off for a loaner ?

Are you sure the that incentives on loaners are smaller ?

Guys, the prices of your examples, is it pre tax ?

Prices for mine is with tax included. Everything! I’d say look for a place that has a couple of them not just one. Check car gurus for how long they’ve been sitting there. Remember dealer is paying interest on them so the longer they sit the more ancy they are too move them. Yes incentives are more on new over loaners and u become eligible for $500 cca credit and get free oil changes which are whatever I guess. Loaners u should aim to get 20-25% off but it all depends on the current situation on a model at the time. Don’t go crazy thinking residual snow percentages and numbers and u think he’s ripping me off and is this good. Just get out there and mingle and get ur car. If it’s the 330e u see the ballpark u can be in by reading these threads. End of the year is here! I’m actually pissed cuz I know I could’ve done better but why not keep cool with another dealership and network a little. It pays down the road.

I am getting nowhere with them, rather worse.
I mentioned the 0.00005 MF increase possibility to roll the acquisition fee into the capitalized cost, but they bumped it to 0.00222 :scream:

Still with $2,500 down, I asked with none.

Looks like I shall pass on $366 for 24 months with $2,500 down, effectively $470.

post tax.
and yes.incentives are 1k less i believe.
sorry , misread miles. thought it had 6k miles,

so they bumped the rate and left the bank fee ??

Gave it a shot with local dealer with 4 new 330e and 1 loaner. Only willing to discount 3k + incentives on $55,250 MSRP. Have loyalty + USAA + 5000. Seems like discount needed to make numbers work is closer to $8k dealer discount. Probably not talking to motivated decision maker on a Friday night… wished them luck on offloading those units.