BMW 330e Battery Recall - Chase Quickpay $$$

I was in the process of transferring my 330e when BMW financial put a hold on the transfer due to an open recall on the vehicle I had not been informed about. Apparently new VINs were recently added to the recall and my car happened to be one of those.

I spoke to a few dealers in LA and all told me a remedy/parts wouldn’t be available til mid to late November. I had to then cancel the transfer.

Fast forward to today, I received a call from the BMW Executive Office telling me to give their I-team a call. They end up telling me more about the recall and after I informed them of the inconvenience regarding the recall and my transfer, they offer to Chase Quick Pay me $1k for the inconvenience of not being able to charge my vehicle.

Has anyone ever gotten this before due to a recall?

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What year was your? Did a quick search and seem to affecting 2021 models.

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