BMW 330e 2018 Deal [Updated] 12/15/18

2018 330e

Pre-tax Monthly Payment: $331

Monthly Payment with tax: $357

Drive-Off: $2,585

  • First month payment: $357
  • Down payment: $0
  • Registration and doc fees: $644
  • Tax on cap cost reduction and fees: $587
  • Acquisition fee: $925

Refundable MSD Payment: $0

Leasehackr Score: 13.2 years

Disposition Fee: $350

Total Lease Cost: $14,857

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is this an actual offer you have? I thought 61% residual was for 36/10. Either way, aim for bigger discount off MSRP

Iā€™d aim for just shy of another 1000 off if new.

you should be able to get more off MSRP, like at least 12%. Check some other dealers. Valencia, Crevier, Pacific, Murrieta

For a 330e loaner car (<5k miles), anyone have any suggestions as to how much off MSRP is reasonable to shoot for?

I would say 20% should be your goal.

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