BMW 328i Offer details, please help me understand


This is the offer i got from a dealer for 2016 BMW 328i demo with 6500 Miles on it,

1st payment $359 plus tax

90 day temp tag $30.

Doc Fee and title $409.45

Taxes $83.53

Acquisition Fee $925

Cash cap reduction $81

Total $1,916

Is this a good deal ? I am in California, car is in Arizona

seems like it depending on msrp & sales price. but i think the payment should include tax.

This was the initial Offer
MSRP $43,670
Selling price $41,588

Offer details in the post are based on counter offer, So i am not sure what’s the selling price now ?

Seems a little on the high side for no taxes included. You will want to look into how taxes will be paid once you register the car in CA.

Can I ask why you are looking in Arizona? California dealers are pretty competitive and they only charge an $80 doc fee.

lol id walk out after that offer if it was a new car.

Reach out to Greg Poland

I am looking for manual transmission, thats the only condition

Ah ok. Still reach out to him to see if he has one or can find one. Hell give you the best deal.

Thanks, mailed him just now.

The only thing i can find on the website is 2015 model, can it be leased?

It can be but the rates will be terrible. Hes really busy so try phone as well.

Is it a good idea to call and talk to someone else at the same dealership, after sales rep was not willing to negotiate ?

id say just try another dealer.