BMW 328i deal help (2015)


I’m a recent college graduate, and I’m thinking about leasing a bmw 328i.

I have options between leasing 2016 and 2015 one, I’m leaning towards 2015 version because it’s not been that long and the price is lower.

The current deal I see at a dealership near me is as follows.

Equipped with standard features such as 17" Light Alloy Star-spoke Wheels, Power Front Seats with Driver Seat Memory, Hi-fi Sound System, and Hands-free Bluetooth and USB audio connection.

$349*/month for 36 months.

• $349 First months payment
• $3,000 Down payment
• $0 Security Deposit
• $925 Acquisition fee
• $4,274 Cash due at signing
• Included In Payment:.$3,000 Buildout Allowance

Is this a good deal? and can I ask the dealer that I’d choose MSD rather than putting down payments?
Also, what’s the MF for 2015 328i?


Oh, MSRP is $38,495.00.

and I’m not sure if this includes navigation/blind spot monitors…

I went to and then chose 328i, then 2015.

The offers on that page come from These “special offers” assume a minimal discount and are actually quite bad.

From checking that dealer’s inventory, looks like they have no 2015 328i cars left. Here’s the program for the 2016 320i and 328i:

Months: 36
Miles: 12,000 mi/year
Residual: 61%
Money Factor: .00132

Use TrueCar or Edmunds Price Promise to establish a selling price for a specific car. Then plug in those numbers into the lease calculator:

Unfortunately Virginia levies sales tax on the entire price of the car, rather than just the leased portion.

Best of luck!

Yes advertised deals are usually not the best deal. You can negotiate for a better selling price. Yes MSD would be better than putting money down although the calculation for the monthly payment would be different.

Another thread is also talking about leasing a 3 series. Maybe you can check it out:

Hello Thank you all so much! I actually went to the dealership today and got a quote for Certified Pre Owned
2015 320i with 8311 miles (here)

The Price is $30981, and he said there would be absolutely no way of negotiating the price further.

MSRP: $42205
Sonic Price: $30981
Discount: $11224

and combining taxes (VA so tax for the entire car) and other fees into my account + $1500 college graduate credit that works as a down payment, I’m looking to pay $363 + $2800 (7*MSD).

Do you think this is a good deal? I’m most likely to go with this if you guys say this is a good deal…!

Thanks a lot for helping me out.

It’s not clear how they arrived at their numbers. For instance, college grad credit should be $1,000.

I’m guessing they marked up the money factor rate and imposed a big dealer fee, since the payments should be lower at the selling price.

That said, $363/mo is not too bad considering that sales tax and fees are all rolled into the payment.

I wish I could calculate how much it is supposed to cost, but because it’s CPO lease, it’s not as easy…