BMW 328i 2016 for lease

2016 BMW 2016 320i
MSRP : 45840
Lojack and resisit : 799
discount 8000
rebate 1000
Purchase price : 37638
sales tax 1548 ( 4%)
dealer fee 479
some tax - 150
total delivered price : 39806
down payment : 2000
trade in 1500

MF : 0.0017
10k miles
RV : 63
Monthly payment : 359

DO you think this is good deal ?


The monthly payment attempts to make this appear like a good deal, but I think it’s a terrible deal. You are paying $2000 down plus have $1500 in trade-in, which in effect is reducing your monthly payment by ~$97/month. If you were to take those out, your monthly is closer to $456. Also, do you need LoJack?

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I dont need LoJack but dealer said this car is in their lot and already has everything installed. He can not change it . I said i don’t need resist all as well . He said this is not an option . Its BMW policy …some BS

He said this is best he could do …i was surprised with MF…seems too high to me …He is not willing to come down at all…my credit score is around 790

I think you can get better pricing on the car. 25% off MSRP would be ideal. the MF is high, should be .00134.

I would use the $2000 and $1500 trade-in for MSD, if your state allows MSD.

Terrible money factor… And who needs LoJack, run away from that. No one is going to steal a 328i, no offense. :slight_smile:

:money_mouth: that 4% tax though… drool… but yes- I agree with what everyone has already said. LoJack can help reduce a couple bucks (in the single digits) on your insurance though… I’m just looking at the glass half full. – Do I think this is a good deal? No- that monthly comes out wayyy too high- the vehicle is over a year old and its’s a 320i. @loberant can probably beat this deal on any given day.

Terrible MF. Ask for standard MF 0.00134 + MSD

@donotwaste not sure where you live but whoever that dealership is lives in some alternate universe. Go find another dealer, it’s a 320i, they are a dime a dozen. And use MSDs like @zhangmike and @vhooloo suggested.

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I just came back from dealer… He is not doing any more . He gave me another deal which i did not like it all. He is not moving at all on MF.
New deal which i think much worse
BMW 320i 2016
msrp: 37690
discount : 5500
add on 798
net price : 32988
fee 1536
rebate = -1000
sale tax : 1313
down payment : 1000
36 m /10000
389 pm
mf : 0.0017
rv 63 %
If i do MSD ( e wants minimum 7 month MSD ) - MF 0.0012

Any suggestions

400 is a terrible price to pay for a 320i. Maybe try another dealer or look for another brand. The 320i is an awful BMW, few options, underpowered turbo. Have you looked at the A4? People are reporting good payments for A4 prestige or premium plus.