Bmw 320i demo lease

Hi everybody:)
Found a 2016 demo bmw 320i with awd that i liked with msrp of 36500
It has 5500 miles on it
I am looking for a 24 month lease
I live in new Hampshire
What selling price should a be negotiating for and what type of payments should i be paying for a 24 month lease with 1500 hunded down what will be considered a good deal?
I dont want to put msd looking to invest the money some where else…
I know that i need to be shooting for money factor of 0.00136
I dont qualify for loyalty, military or student
Any information will help

The 42k MSRP demo at Tulley, Nashua NH is 6k off, so you should also shoot for 6-7k off. That should bring the payment to under 300 with no down. Anything more would be, well, criminal :slight_smile: .

Truecar shows an average 7.5% off MSRP in the 03111 zip code, so you should aim for more than that. Also keep in mind that the 5500 miles is going to lower the residual value (and therefore increase the cost) by $1000 and you won’t be eligible for the $1500 option allowance on a demo. So whatever price you decide to aim for, take another $2500 off to account for those.

Are you planning on paying $1500 in total at drive-off, or paying the drive-off fees and putting an additional $1500 as cap reduction? If you plan to put that full amount as cap reduction, I really recommend you consider putting it towards MSDs instead. Yes your monthly will be higher, but you will save hundreds overall due to lower finance charges.