BMW 320i - Am I getting bad deals?

Hi all,

Trying to lease a low cost BMW, I shopped around the SF bay area and the best I got so far is:
List: $37,620
Selling price: $34,000
Term: 36 month
Miles per year: 10,000
Cash due at signing: $3,206.74 ($2,800 MSD + first monthly payment)
Monthly payments before tax: $367.58
Monthly payment after tax: $399.74
Residual: $24,076.80

Does this make sense? Looks much higher than the numbers I see in this forum every now and then.
Also, is it possible that they won’t charge me for acquisition fee?


too high for a 320. Ask them to quote you on a 2015 loaner 320.

Waiting to hear back from them about demo/loaners.
What do you think about the acquisition fee? Is it possible for them to waive it, or will it magically appear at the bottom line? It’s equivalent to a discount of almost $30/mo for 36 month.

Acquisition fee is charged by BMW FS and cannot be waived by the dealer.

$400/month for a 320i is on the pricey side. I’d keep shopping around. If all else fails, consider a demo 2016 model.

Thanks Michael. I’ll keep checking.