BMW 320 Need help!

I emailed a friend at BMW. I have a lease with 3 months left @480. BMW said they will waive my last 3 payments. With that said. This is what he came back with and I think it’s total over kill. I am not sure how I should come back.

MSRP 38,990
Net price after incentives 33,090

He came back with these lease numbers. $379 w/ 2919 OR 438 w/ $1000

36mths 12K a year.

Definitely those numbers are crazy. Any help would be appreciated. I am very new at this lol!

Ask for the money factor

MF-151 Residual- 62%

Find a friend at Audi instead - for 379 a month + 2919 down (effectively 450), you can get an AUdi A6, a world above the BMW 320i.

For 438 + 1000, you should also get a friend at Volvo, who could get you an S90 for that payment.

If you want to keep within the 300 range, a friend at Jaguar could get you an XF for that price (and again a much nicer car than the 320).

BMW is a joke right now. Go look at the Audi A4 Ultra, Jag XE, MB CLA, etc. I have a 535d that is up in a few weeks and I just jumped ship from BMW. With the lower residuals, higher MF’s, and getting rid of MSD’s, it’s just not worth it anymore. I got a “bottom dollar” quote of $2k drive off, $480/mo with tax, on a retired loaner 430gc (MSRP $49k) with 7k miles on it. I tried to negotiate with the guy and he basically told me to piss off. I’m now paying $100/mo less for a new Jaguar XF with a higher MSRP.

Thing is I am not looking to be in the 400’s I want to be in the 300s payment price. Not sure what to do!

Exactly - you need a Jaguar friend instead of a BMW friend right now :slight_smile:

I am still in shock with those prices for a 320. Mind you I am downgrading from a 535 xdrive. Going smaller because I don’t really need all that car. Would could a reasonable comeback for the 320?

Danielle, do you not like the Jaguar? I just got into a base Jag XE with everything included (tax/fees/1st mo.) for $327 for 36mo/12K/yr. This also includes their scheduled maintenance. It’s just as nice as the Beemer and quite frankly, you don’t see one on every corner. Taste is subjective though, and if you’re stuck on BMW, unfortunately I’m not much help. Good luck!

I havens even looked into it. Now that everyone is talking about it, I definitely will!

Picked up one last month

2017 BMW 320
Msrp 36400

1000 drive off
271 oc tax included