BMW 228i Xdrive Lease deal help


Hackrs of the world unite

I need help with this deal - in my opinion is a horrible deal $513 for $40k car is too much - the calculator with the following numbers gives me $482 which is more reasonable

10% off MSRP
Incentives & rebates $1500
MF: 0.00093

any ides how they came up with $513 ?

Not enough information to tell us how they arrived at that.

But yes, it’s bad.

I’m guessing they’re not charging you .00093

That’s what I told them

So what should this cost at 10% at buy rate?

What is missing ? They claim MF is 0.00093 and RV= 58%

What does the calculator output with the inputs as they’re claiming them?

When I pug in the numbers the calculator shows $482 which is much better

Can you post your calculator?

Your fees are set to the calculator defaults… you’ll need to update them, make sure the tax is correct as well.

Ok but even with the correct fees does not explain the $32 dollar difference.


The numbers line up about perfectly with a max mf mark up to .00133

Thank you - I am not going crazy their MF is way higher

Yeah…keep walking from this one. Regardless of how they got there, you are approaching ~$550/mo effective on this car.

I got confirmation the MF is in fact 0.00133

Moving on

Thank you for all your help

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An elevated money factor by itself is not necessarily recognition of a bad deal, but unaccompanied by a nice discount it definitely is.

As I and some others have posted before, a maxed out money factor is actually preferable as long as you get a commensurate sales price discount (as this will give you more equity all the way through the lease versus the standard money factor with less of a sales price discount).


I understand but I think $513 for 40K car is little high don’t you think

Well, you’re missing the commensurate discount for the marked up mf part of the equation, but even still, the lease programs on most new bmws right now aren’t very good.

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