BMW 2021 330i Sedan - 460 per month inclusive all taxes

Today I received an offer from norcal dealer regarding my request for BMW 330i sedan.

Offer details
MSRP: 44700
Discount: 4045
Incentives/rebates: 1500
Sale price: 39224
Sale price after taxes and fees: 43491
Lease terms: 10K per year 36 months.
Drive off money: 3500

Monthly payment including taxes: $460

Can someone please let me know if this is a good deal worth pursuing given market conditions? its 2hr drive from where I live,

thank you in advance

Looks like 9% off pre-incentives at max m.f. (0.00133). Someone reported 10+ percent off a few days ago. Here’s a calculator based on your info but you need to fill out tax rate, fees, etc. correctly. calculator

Decent deal. Should go quick.

thank you. Calculator is very helpful.

Try some more. I leased 330i with msrp 47720 last week for 3k down 435 a month no MSD. This was NorthCarolina which is a bad market mostly.

Seems decent but need to make sure incentives are the same to make apples to apples comparison. For OP, it depends on how bad you need a car, I would check on cargurus to see what the inveontory looks like. Once 2021’s are depleted, 2022 deals will be tougher.

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What was your pre-incentive discount, normalized for buy rate? aka the only reasonable number to be cross comparing

10% off and buy rate. Had Loyalty and got 1000 off OL code online.

Finally found one dealer in the bay who offered lowest of all.

MSRP: 46750
Sale price: 39620
Incentives: 1500
Monthly 435 inclusive of all taxes
3K drive off amount.

Will sign tomorrow


NC has no taxes. So CA is always going to be higher After taxes

This is a great deal and the pretax price is better than above NC price.

Thats a great deal.

Hope you gave a deposit on the phone or at least will be there when the doors open and hope nobody grabbed it before closing yesterday.

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I would absolutely put a deposit over the phone.

NC tax is 3% IIRC.

Signed, got it down to 415$ month including all taxes. They gave me corporate discount $500.
Very good deal in this market.

Recap; 46740 MSRP
Incentives: 1500 including corporate discount
Sale price: 39150
3K drive off amount

Thanks everyone for your inputs


Final numbers with accurate breakdown posted in Share deals forum.

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