BMW 2019 X3 xDrive Loaner **$455/PM**

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Hello LH Members :

Finally !

It has been long journey for me to lease a dream car . I have learnt all the leasing information from this forum.

Able to lease the vehicle with $455/PM with $3500 MSD



Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Please let me know your comments about the deal.

Appreciate your response on this.


That looks like a great deal. I know 4 series gran coupe loaners have seen discounts upwards of 20%, but I’m pretty sure it’s rare for the X3’s to get that high. Your effective payment is $436/month which would make me quite happy. Was this with loyalty?

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No loyalty.

Just $2750 regular incentives

Wow, just imagine the deal you’ll get on your next lease! Congrats, I think you have an excellent deal.

Congrats great job!

I tried for this.

@steevo: Thanks

I think apart from locality , There are many other incentives like CCA , OL etc.

Man, You nailed it . That too starting of the Month with 18% off on MSRP. Great job.
Hope others LH members can use your deal . See if you can able to help if someone requires.
I think if you refer you will get referral bonus from dealer( check once).


Referral bonus? I thought most dealers stopped doing birddog fees (besides brokers)

If this is your first lease then loyalty will only be available upon your next lease. CCA is not available on demos over 1,000 miles and OL codes are only available at special events if I understand correctly. So I think you did as well as possible incentive wise, and knocked it out of the park with an 18% discount.

Thanks for your feedback … Yes you sounds correct … I did check with sales manager . He will be giving $100 for each referral if anyone leasing or buying…

@douglashowitzer: Thank you … I will look for OL code . You sounds good that CCA will apply for new vehicle… I had CCA…

Seems good for an X3!

@trustme Thank you

Appreciate your thoughts on pulling this off in SoCal. Thank you!