BMW 2018 330i lease advice

Hello everyone!

I’m about to sign a lease on a BMW 330i 2018 and I urgently need an advice before I do.

Lease term: 36 months, 12K miles

These are the numbers:

MSRP: $46,845.00
Selling Price: $38,600.00
Rebate: $3,500.00
Total Savings: $8,245.00
Total Savings plus rebate: $11,745.00
Tag/title fees: $513.45.00
Proc/Doc fee: $799.95.00
Residual Value: $28,107.00

Per the leasehackr calculater the MF seems to be at .00253

Monthly payment includes everything (fees, taxes and first month): $440

Appreciate all inputs, thanks!

Ask them for a breakdown (lease worksheet) so you can see the MF with your own two eyes. When you get it, post it here. No reason why you can’t attempt to get buy rate MF.

MF seems to be marked up, I believe it should be .00166

What’s your credit? (20202020202020)

@Sukiface Just texted the sales guy, the MF is .00206

@nyclife My credit score is excellent, they didn’t check it yet though but they said anywhere from 670 - 850 is the same.

This deal is in Tampa Florida, btw!

Its right at 11.5% off. So if you like it, it’s a pretty good deal.

@nyclife Thanks for your help! Can you share how did you calculate the 11.5%?

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Yes, I added in all of the profit.

Hiked up MF
Dealer doc fees

@nyclife I managed to take this deal down to $410, first month included. That said, $410 x 35 months, which is about $398.6 per month!
They offered the Tire and wheel protection plan, as well as the Extra wear and tear plan, that took the payment up to $449. I signed for them since I had to make a decision but I have 60 days to cancel. Do you think these are worth it?

I believe BMW FS will waive the acquisition fee at a certain MF markup, which is probably what’s happening here. That usually works out better, but you’d have to see the numbers.

The tire and wheel protection is never ever ever worth it. The value covered is based on the wear of the tires and they can and will find anyway to shortchange you there. Wheels, even BMW ones, can be straightened and resurfaced for about $100.

On the other hand, the wear and tear plan can sometimes be worth it, in my opinion, because, oddly, it covers tires. It really depends what you’re paying for it and if you have any plans for end of lease. If you’re fairly sure you’re going to get another BMW, for example, then you’re unlikely to be hassled over questionable tires. If you just want to be able to walk away at the end, it can be nice peace of mind to know you aren’t going to get hit with a surprise bill for $1000 of tires.