BMW 2018 320xi Lease! Can I get lower?

Hey all,

Looking for some help getting this 320xi loaner a bit lower! Thanks in advance.

MF: 0.00228
R: 58% at 36 months

Incentives are College Grad, and $2K Lease Credit

TUgh $400 for a 320 loaner. This is the new reality if rates keep rising. If you really want the car you can maybe get $800 more off. Drops the payment another $30…

I didn’t look at 320 this month. Isn’t lease credit $3000?

What do you think of the fees in the bottom right? I can’t tell what those are… sorry! First time lessee, but I’ve been massaging this deal all week— feels like I’m right there.

Discount isn’t enough and MF is marked up. Have you gone on cargurus and searched used 2018’s? I’ve got two in my area with $10k plus discounts before incentives.

$925 is the acq fee and the $125 is the doc fee, other ones look like mandatory gov fees and taxes. Where you located?

Those ads with 10k+ off usually include lease incentives. Just not college grad etc

Bentonville, AR or ZIP 72758

MF is marked up, do they have any loaners at this location?

This is a loaner

You try the store in Tulsa, they seem to have a few. Just keep looking, there’s deals you just need to hunt them out

Shopped the offer to OKC’s dealership on a less spec’d version. They agreed to 20% off MSRP-MF .0188- and residual 59%. See below. I don’t understand why the payment is higher given the lower capital so I’m clarifying some points to get it closer to the calculator link I’m posting here. Do you think I can work the payment that low?

Your first deal has a better discount, $7592 before rebates. Get that deal to buy rate and the payment isn’t that much different, I bet this base car doesn’t even have a power seat or xdrive.