BMW 2017 Lease return Res value $27k

BMW 330i xdrive 2017 model, coming to lease expiration.

It was a good deal of $269/pm everything rolled in no down payment.

Residual value is $27813.

I will have low mileage (about 10k less than contracted). what do you recommend ?

Can I negotiate residual value now and buy. at around 22k or is it fixed and non negotiable ?


Yes 269 a month was a great deal. I think you can check to see if BMW will offer you a discount on the buyout. I don’t think there is a negotiation as such, there is a take it or leave it…

If there is a discounted buyout for you, it will show up in your online account with BMW

Either way (discount or not), the buyout is take it or leave not. They are not haggling

This has been discussed many times before


you can always check carvana etc to see if that price exceeds the BMW residual. If so, you can walk away with some cash given that the lease is under mileage.

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In the same position as you right now. They offered me $20,000 as buyout from $26,500 residual and an additional $500 if it qualified for CPO. Asked my contact at my dealership to get the $500 and I’ll sell it to Carmax waiting to hear back from him tomorrow.

Just wondering though, how the hell did you manage to negotiate to a 269/mo payment with 0 down. That would’ve had to been around 23% off MSRP.

You can get some money back on the unused mileage under the Mileage Adjustment Program: (can’t find it mentioned on the full bmwusa website but I believe they’re stilling buying back miles).

If you did not have the opportunity to use all of the mileage you purchased, we will apply a credit to any outstanding balance with BMW Financial Services, including, but not exceeding, excess wear and use charges.