BMW 2017 320 ix - $369 a month with $369 down

I got this quote on BMW 320 ix:
MSRP: $36945
Price: $29725
Term: 36 month / 12k miles
Residual: 61
MF: .001410

This car has about 4600 miles on it, its a demo car.

You guys think it is good deal?

make sure you take them run flats off cuz they cost a pretty penny to replace. i wouldnt do it i had one as a rental dam thing was so basic

You can get a new Q50 3.0 with that kind of money. Fully optioned out back up camera, BSM, Bose speakers, and most of all 300 HP. If I were you I would reconsider, the 320 is a pretty basic car. You’re pretty much paying for the BMW name. I wouldn’t like the 320 regardless, but if I had too I wouldn’t pay more than $300/month for it. Just trying to give you an outside opinion, no offense intended. If you really want the BMW I would look at least a 328. That could be had for $370/month with some decent haggling.

That’s not such a great deal for a 61% residual. Leasehack calculator shows 339 a month with 800+ drive off at 29k. I would say the sales price is too high for a loaner with 4.6k miles on it (not enough of a discount).

And most of us would rather lease a well equipped Chevy Cruze than a 320. (not that you asked our opinion of a 320i, just an opinion on the lease:)

I would shoot for this:

Another $750 off sales price, put down 7 Security Deposits, should result in a monthly of $275 with $2,860 of drive off with $2,100 in MSD.

No offense taken… I came to this site for such good advise only. That makes lot of sense… Will pass this and look for other better ones… Thanks for your input.

Just get a 328, it might cost marginally more but you will be much more happy with the car.


Way too much. Our local dealer is offering 10-12k off the demos.

Which state you are in? What dealer?

any idea how the bmw 430i can lease?