BMW 2016 328xi xDrive - Chicagoland

Hey all - dealer did not want to give me pricing sheet so “I wouldn’t take it to other dealers” Here’s what im getting so far.

Owners Choice - Chicago

MSRP - 48925
Sales Price - 41925
MF - ???

437/mo w/ fees rolled in + 3452 tax = $3889 out the door.

in the NE region the MF is .00134 Resid is 63% for 36/10
$1500 option credit. then there is USAA, College grad and BMW loyalty if you qualify…

Is the MF is set in owners choice? Dealer kept saying there is no way to change it, which didn’t sound too believable.

Thanks for the numbers though!

US Option Allowance - $1500.00 - Eligibility: Residents residing in
qualifying regions of the United States. Qualification: S-Stock and
T-Tourist vehicles ONLY are eligible.

Is this valid in NE ? and what does S-Stock and T-Tourist mean ?